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The West Collection

Embark on a mystical journey through the profound teachings of shamanic studies, where meditation unveils the spirit animals of each cardinal direction. The west, symbolizing conclusions and emotional growth, beckons with the wisdom of water and the transformative power of fall.

Imagine the ethereal lightness of becoming a bird or sea creature during meditation, guided by a fuzzy black spherical head with antennae and fluttering wings. This captivating experience merges the observer with the observed in a familiar yet enchanting world.

Now, envision the butterfly—a symbol of transformation, embodying change, comfort, hope, and positivity. As messengers from the spirit realm, butterflies connect our world with the unknown, offering comforting messages from departed loved ones.

Introducing the West Collection—an abstract butterfly wing capturing the essence of the west's energy. More than artwork, it's a representation of life's transformative journey, inviting you to take control of what you can and trust your innate wisdom. With vibrant colors and the inclusion of broken CDs symbolizing hidden treasures, it's an inspiration for your home or office—a piece that speaks to your soul, guiding you through life's currents with grace and purpose.

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