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Hello Hello! Welcome to the Butterfly Setup Blog!

I am Amanda Olejarz, a Holistic Health & Spiritual Life Coach helping people to take control of their lives and energy to go from surviving to thriving in life! I've been in the holistic scene since I started my massage career in 2006. I have dabbled in some fun and deep rabbit holes and learned some amazing things throughout my life's journey off the beaten path. The more I continue, the more I want this information I've gathered to reach more because so many around me are falling into the trap of the aging process. Plus it's not fair that it seems like I'm the only one getting physically better with age when we all can do it!

The Butterfly Effect

So, I'd like to first share what the Butterfly Setup is. I'm sure you've heard of the 'butterfly effect,' the idea that a small change in one part of a system can have large and unpredictable effects on the system as a whole. This means that even small actions or changes can have significant and far-reaching consequences, and that the effects of these actions can be difficult to predict. The concept of the butterfly effect highlights the interconnectedness and complexity of systems, and suggests that even seemingly insignificant actions can have a significant impact on the future.

The Butterfly Setup

Over my time and studies, I have found the importance and power in words. They really have tremendous value. So, I came up with the Butterfly Setup. The Butterfly Setup is the idea that what looks like a small thought or action has a great effect on the rest of the world in a positive and beneficial way. It reminds us that everything is always working out for us and the highest good of all. Those that embrace the Butterfly setup know that there will be reactions to their words and actions however they go forth knowing their intentions behind them are pure and genuine. It's knowing and owning the actions and reactions of others to yours, remembering you could be the only reason someone smiles today, the reason someone decides to stay alive, the reason someone decides to speak their truth, the reason someone decides to give love another shot. It's like the selfish Ubuntu.

The Butterfly Setup is a far fetched idea for some and an oath for others. After my near death experience of 2016 and I saw every single little thing in my life that led me to that point, the situation that seemed out of my control, and I swore to myself I would not let me get myself into that sh*t again. That's when I started embracing the Butterfly Setup.

I switched my entire life around. For me, it seems like I'm doing it 'right' especially compared to back then. The people that knew me back then can still hardly believe who they see these days. I remember using all the excuses possible, and I had some damn good trauma stories to back them up! Because for me childhood was not the best time of my life, it was something I was trying to overcome. My childhood had it's great moments however it messed me up as an adult. I brought the trauma of childhood into my adult years and used it thee excuse. When I dropped that and started becoming the person I really wanted to be, my life started changing for the better. It was definitely a roller coaster yet I'm so grateful that I get to be this version of myself.

The more I talk to people, the more I realize the things I've learned can be beneficial to them too. Most things are fairly simple and free. Hence this blog.

Childhood isn't the best time of your life. It's what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome.

I'm not trying to say that everything I do or say is the absolute right way to do it, I'm just saying I feel like I've found a quicker and more meaningful way to approach life that differs from what I originally learned in school. I firmly believe that if I learned some of this earlier in life, I would've been happier, healthier, less depressed, less suicidal, less in chronic-pain and would've found support community far earlier than I did. So, in order to be selfish and continue to heal myself, I present to you the information I wish I would've learned in childhood that has impacted my life for the better.

Feel free to post any questions, concerns and please be nice with your critiques.

Remember, I am only human and am doing my best.

Enjoy & integrate what you'd like and leave the rest!

Thank you much!

& Love you more!

"You never know who you're inspiring when you're only trying to survive." - Amanda Olejarz

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